City of Love: Paris




An interactive story set in the romantic city of Paris


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City of Love: Paris is an interactive adventure where you play a young American girl who goes to Paris for an interview with the most prestigious fashion magazine in the world. Will you meet the magazine's creator? Will you get the job? Anything can happen in the city of love ...

The development in City of Love: Paris is typical for the genre: you talk to different characters in the story and make your own decisions. Depending on the options you choose, you'll create your own story and build your own relationships with the rest of the story's characters.

Throughout the story, you can visit some of the biggest landmarks in Paris, like Notre-Dame Cathedral, Montmartre, the Louvre, the Avenue des Champs-Élysées, and the Luxembourg Garden. Although you'll normally just be talking to other characters and choosing which answers to give them, at times you'll also have to work to uncover mysterious emotions.

City of Love: Paris is a conversational adventure with a romantic theme that comes with some of the most beautiful graphics you can find on Android. The game's story also lets you meet some really interesting characters.
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Requires Android 4.1 or higher

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